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Hail To The Heel

"As a women, the notion of protecting my expensive heels, being able to change the look of one pair of shoes to 26 different styles that accessorize while revamping, is every women's dream. We are looking to take Heelusions to the next level."
--Lisa V., VP of business development for ASOTV


"Such a great idea to add style to your shoes without breaking the bank!"
--Kim B., Fox 4 News Anchor


"Heelusions are an amazing innovation in accessories that can transform your shoes to a different look quickly. "They are also perfect for traveling so you pack less pairs of shoes, and have a number of Heelusions to completely change your look."
--Cielo F., AKA Mermaid in Heels, Las Vegas blogger


"They just fit with all sorts of shoes!! And they are being sold all over the country and they even have a patent in China."
--Kathy Q., Fox4 News reporter


"They are the best thing that can happen to shoes! Those little Heelusions accessories have been my favorite. They hide worn off heels and serve as the perfect cushion. Sometimes you just need a little something there to make the shoes fit just right."
--Bogi K., AKA Red Reticule blogger from East Coast


"Heelusions provide a cute way to change up your look by adding color and pattern to any pair of plain heels."
--Jana M., KC blogger and Fashion Specialist


"Heelusions have changed the way I look at my wardrobe and make packing for work trips so much easier!"
--Rachel N., Director at Business Development & Marketing at 4Sight Construction


"When traveling, Heelusions can simplify packing by taking only one pair of shoes and a different heel pattern for each outfit."
--Tony B., Public Relations Specialist


"This 'simple' idea has lead them to major success."
--Toriano Porter, Business Reporter of the Lee's Summit Journal newspaper


"I can't wait for everyone to see the launch of Walk a Mile in her Heels!"
--Paula H., Certified Mammography Technician and Susan G. Komen ambassador