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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers…

Q-  What is Heelusions return policy?

A-     We want you to be thrilled with your Heelusions. Not quite the right shade or pattern you expected? No worries. Ship the Heelusions back to us with your receipt within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money or send you another style of your choice – no drama. We guarantee our heel accessories against defects, but we’re not allowed to watch over the entire manufacturing process anymore. (They kicked us out of the plant.) In the rare case you find a defect, return your Heelusions with proof of purchase for replacement within 30 days


Q-  Will Heelusions fit on any size ladies heels?

A-     Yes. The patented design allows Heelusions to fit ladies heels from the largest (shoe) size through the smallest size


Q-  Will Heelusions fit on any type of heel; Stilettos thru low chunky heels?

A-     Yes. The patented design will allow Heelusions to fit on any design of heel.


Q-  Do Heelusions make heels less comfortable?

A-     No.  Enhanced comfort to the back of the interior of the shoe heel is one of the benefits of Heelusions.


Q-  Are Heelusions easy to install?

A-     Yes!  Just follow the simple instructions on the package or watch the installation video on our website at www.heelusions.com


Q-  Are Heelusions removable?

A-     Absolutely.  They can be removed and the soft Velcro coin may be left in the back of the shoe, so that another chic Heelusion design may be added when desired.


Q- Is it necessary to add the small Velcro coins for Heelusions to stay in  position once inserted?

A-     It is recommended.  The small Velcro coins enhance Heelusions’ patented design to insure Heelusions stay secured, regardless of the wearers’ activity or shoe fit, be it loose or snug.


Q-    Are Heelusions resistant to wear?

A-     Yes, the lycra exterior of Heelusions is a proven wear resistant material.


Q-  Are Heelusions available in retail outlets?

A-     Not at this time.  Heelusions are only available at www.Heelusions.com


Q-  Is it possible for a company representative to introduce Heelusions at an upcoming meeting of my organization?

A-     Yes.  We will be happy to accept the opportunity if ample time is given in advance and schedules will allow.


Q-  Are Heelusions made in the U.S.?

A-     Proudly - Yes


Q-  Can Heelusions be customized for an organization with their logo?

A-  Yes.  Customization can be done.  Contact us for more information info@heelusions.com