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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers…

Q-  Will Heelusions fit on any size ladies heels?

A-     Yes. The patented design allows Heelusions to fit ladies heels from the largest (shoe) size through the smallest size


Q-  Will Heelusions fit on any type of heel; Stilettos thru low chunky heels?

A-     Yes. The patented design will allow Heelusions to fit on any design of heel.


Q-  Do Heelusions make heels less comfortable?

A-     No.  Enhanced comfort to the back of the interior of the shoe heel is one of the benefits of Heelusions.


Q-  Are Heelusions easy to install?

A-     Yes!  Just follow the simple instructions on the package or watch the installation video on our website at www.heelusions.com


Q-  Are Heelusions removable?

A-     Absolutely.  They can be removed and the soft Velcro coin may be left in the back of the shoe, so that another chic Heelusion design may be added when desired.


Q- Is it necessary to add the small Velcro coins for Heelusions to stay in  position once inserted?

A-     It is recommended.  The small Velcro coins enhance Heelusions’ patented design to insure Heelusions stay secured, regardless of the wearers’ activity or shoe fit, be it loose or snug.


Q-    Are Heelusions resistant to wear?

A-     Yes, the lycra exterior of Heelusions is a proven wear resistant material.


Q-  Are Heelusions available in retail outlets?

A-     Not at this time.  Heelusions are only available at www.Heelusions.com


Q-  Is it possible for a company representative to introduce Heelusions at an upcoming meeting of my organization?

A-     Yes.  We will be happy to accept the opportunity if ample time is given in advance and schedules will allow.


Q-  Are Heelusions made in the U.S.?

A-     Proudly - Yes


Q-  Can Heelusions be customized for an organization with their logo?

A-  Yes.  Customization can be done.  Contact us for more information info@heelusions.com