Our Founder

Welcome to your world of Heelusions……..

I am thrilled to introduce to you a completely new concept for the ladies’ high heel

accessory industry; whether your prized possessions are high, medium, or low, we now have you covered (literally) for all your favorite styles.

I love heels, always have, always will.  I’m 5’2” tall (ok, short!!!) and on a great shoe day I stretch that to 5’5”. Who really knows, right?!  Lol.

I think we girls can agree on these truths: (1) Heels make you look taller, unmistakably. (2) Heels generate a professional image, no question. (3) Heels construct a level of sophistication, absolutely (4) Heels make you look and feel sexier, uh…yeah!!!

“So what is the story behind this fantastic product called Heelusions?” you may ask.

It was a not so untypical day in my typical American life.  The day full of promise I had hoped for had other ideas.  Already late, my trusted hairdryer decided for me that I would look better with frizzy hair when presenting to clients today.  My carefully chosen outfit fell on the floor and now was covered with dog hair.  Did I mention we were out of coffee which is a must have for mornings like this?  

That’s when IT happened! 

I got into my car for my commute to work and noticed that the heels of my favorite pair of black heels looked appalling once again.  I can no longer take it.  I can deal with the other life happenings, but DON’T mess with my shoes.  My heels were scratched and scarred, even though I had previously covered the area with black shoe polish, I’m embarrassed to say.  To prevent heel scarringI had tried clips, clamps, floorboard beanbags, softer carpet pieces and even wore driving only shoes.

I was furious and knew this had to be an irritation for other women as well.  Unfortunately, of all the new ideas out there, nothing really worked.  This aggravation became my inspiration for Heelusions.

Heelusions delivers on all of my original concepts, in the order of importance:

    #1 Protection against scratching and marring to the back of heels 

     #2 Accessorize the heels to fit any occasion, casual, business, fun night out with girls, holidays, etc. 

    #3 Renew that pair of heels you thought you could never wear again   

    #4 Comfort in the heel area    

We are so excited for you to enter your world of Heelusions…… create your own illusion and your own special style from our array of design patterns.

Best foot forward always,



Joan Mauck

President and Founder