Sound Familiar? It’s Heelusions’® Story Too.

It begins with a love affair with heels. As any woman knows, you can put a ridiculous amount of money and time into finding the perfect heels. And when we find them, we wear them with everything – all the time. We wear them to the point that scuffs, nicks and scratches are embarrassing. We wear them even if they kill our feet. But these perfect heels are the ones people stop us for and say, “I love, love, looooove your heels. Where’d you get them?” They are the ones that make us feel confident, seductive, beautiful, in charge, provocative.

We get it. It’s how Heelusions was invented – a woman’s drive to solve a big problem. Women needed a stylish, affordable heel accessory that protected their shoes from wear and tear, made heels comfortable and made them go with anything. 

Heelusions started out as concept drawn on a napkin. Patent research confirmed women shared Joan’s frustration dating back to the 1920s. Yet, nothing was ever brought to market that truly worked. Until Heelusions.

What began as testing materials and glue for best heel protection with design improvements along the way turned into a discovery that the right material could protect and be a groundbreaking style accessory.

Finally, Style Your Heels 

In a world where fashion trends come from the streets, not just from the runways anymore, women have more freedom than ever to own their style – on any budget. It’s all about the accessories. Look at women from Coco Chanel to Mary J. Blige, accessories make a woman’s style her own. It is how a woman accessorizes, from hats to scarves and jewelry to handbags, that gives her a signature style. Until Heelusions, heels were a wardrobe foundation, not something you could style.

Today, thanks to style bloggers and trendsetters, Heelusions is making their way into women’s closets, lives and hearts. One pair of heels with Heelusions has never taken a woman farther when it comes to style, money, protection and convenience.

Why settle for one look when you can have three, six or a dozen? Heelusions shoe accessories makes any pair of heels go with everything and every mood. Bold prints, runway-inspired colors and creative patterns match your heels to whatever vibe you’re feeling. Life is short. Isn’t it time women can change up their heels as easy they do their earrings?

We know you already know how to make an entrance. Heelusions makes your exit just as fabulous!